Walter Dean Myers


Important Information

  • Born: August 12, 1937 in Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States
  • Died: July 01, 2014 in New York, New York, United States
  • Other Names: Myers, Walter Milton; Myers, Walter M.; Johnson, Stacie
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Writer

Early Life/Childhood

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"Myers was born in Martinsburg, West Virginia, in 1937. Before he turned three years old, his mother died, leaving the family in chaos. Caring for his many children with no mother and little income, Myers's father placed the boy with his first wife and her new husband. With his foster parents, Herbert and Florence Dean, and their biological children, Myers moved to Harlem. His teachers recognized his intelligence and his foster parents encouraged him to read and write--although Herbert Dean was himself illiterate--but Myers was stigmatized because of a speech impediment. Many years later, in an interview with Juan Williams on National Public Radio, Myers admitted that he had carried another burden as a child: his foster mother's alcoholism. These factors led the young Myers to neglect his studies and get into trouble often."

Famous Writings

Walter Dean Myers had a lot of writings. His most famous writings were "Hoops" 1981, "Fallen Angles" 1988, "Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary" 1993, " At her Majesty's Request: An African Princess in Victorian England" 1999, "Monster" 1999, "Bad Boy" 2001, and "Handbook for Boys" 2003.


Home: 2543 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City N.J., 07304

Love of Books

Walter Dean Myers wrote more than 100 books on many different subjects, also including the war in Iraq and an African Princess.
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"Council on International Books for Children Award,"

"Hoops; Parents' Choice Award" and

"New Jersey Institute of Technology Authors Award"

Words From Him

"I paint pictures of scenes for inner-city youth that are familiar, and I people the scenes with brothers and aunts and friends they all have met
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