Lake Tahoe

The Perfect Place for Coziness

Lake House

My all time favorite place in the world is at a lake house (by Lake Tahoe) in Sacramento, California. It is a two-story house that has mostly warm and rich colors. It is made of stone that looked liked flagstones. It was really big and had a dartboard, a Wii, a hot tub, and a great view. It has four bedrooms and a balcony with a very nice view of the forest. It had two stories and a great fire place where my family would just hang out.


It was made of rich colored wood and rock like stones. The tall trees surrounding it looked beautiful. The road was sand colored, and cute, little chipmunks scurried around. Inside, the balcony was gorgeous, standing on top of yellow stones, overlooking the black railing was the majestic, green forest. The living room was colored a rich red with a large fire place in the center. The warm flames crackled and flickered, licking up the wood, making everyone feel safe. The kitchen was a beautiful gold color, where most of the adults hung out. Silver appliances were rumbling everywhere. Down the hallway, the same color as the living room, were the bedrooms. One with a giant bed and a great view, another with lemon yellow walls, and a small bed. The other room similar to this one, and one with a double bunk bed that held four. If you make your way up the stone stairs, there would be a giant room with a tan, smooth couch. There was a dart board that we all had fun playing with. Finally, we had a hot tub that bubbled and boiled as we relaxed in it. It was the most fun I've ever had.
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