The Foster System

What are The Effects?

About Me

My name is Alyssa. I am 16, I go to Schlagle High School. I have 2 siblings. A brother with two sons and a sister with a daughter. I spend most of my time at school or work. If I'm not at school I am spending time with my family or boyfriend.

Essential Question / How did I come to this question

The reason I chose "The Foster System" is because my cousin was put in foster care. And I know a lot of people that were or are in foster care

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What I Know And Want To Know

I know that children aren't also put into foster care because their parents are unfit. Some children are placed in the system because of their bad behavior. I want to know how foster care has mad children act. If it has better or worsened their behavior and how being in the system made them feel.

Additional Questions

The ultimate goal of foster care is to provide the child(ren) with a safe and nurturing environment with the services he/she needs, and then to transition the child(ren) back into a healthy environment with their biological family, either with their birth parents or other relatives.

How are foster parents chosen to be parents?

Future Steps

I plan on doing more research to try and answer my question the best that I can. I also plan on talking to people who've been in foster care. And i'll probably talk to the councilors because I'm sure they've had to deal with people that have been in or are in foster care.
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Some effects the foster care system has on children are positive because it shows the children there is still hope and people do care about them and love them. But there are also negative effects depending on what family the child is placed with. Some families mistreat the foster children but get away with it because they act different when the state is around. In my opinion foster care is both good and bad. The system needs some fixing and it needs to be closely supervised to be sure the people are fit.