Jaques Cartie

By: nick roberts


was a french explorer of brenton origin who claimed what is now Canada for France. Jacques Cartier was the first European to describe and map the gulf of saint lawrence and the shores of the saint lawrence river, which he named the country of the canandas", after the Iroquois name for the two big settlements


Born in Saint-Malo, France on December 31, 1491, Jacques Cartier reportedly explored the Americas, particularly Brazil, before making three major North American voyages

reason for voyages

likely because of his previous expeditions—on a new trip to the eastern coast of North America, then called the "northern lands." On a voyage that would add him to the list of famous explorers, Cartier was to search for gold and other riches, spices, and a passage to Asia.

amazing feat

Cartier sailed on April 20, 1534, with two ships and 61 men, and arrived 20 days later. He explored the west coast of Newfoundland, discovered Prince Edward Island and sailed through the Gulf of St. Lawrence, past Anticosti Island.

places discovered

St. Lawrence River, Newfoundland, Americas, and Brazil


he discovered the Americas north and south

outcome of his voyages

many of his voyages were a sucsses but the diamonds and gold were worthless when he traded them at one point in his voyage

skills/ characteristics

he was a very skilled map maker and skilled merchant
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his rout took him around Canada and north america and took him to Brazil