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Hey Colleen here!

This morning over a cup of coffee I started thinking about something...

I just returned from a Caribbean Cruise with my Best Friend and a week in a 15,000 sq ft Mansion in Orlando, Florida. The Cruise was a spur of the moment fun thing to do before attending a Regional Event for Empower Network.

I mean seriously, when I say Mansion, I mean there was a

Bowling Alley , Movie Theatre,Racketball Court, Massage room, Pools, Jacuzzi's

You name it, it was there!

Living In The Moment With Project AWOL | Orlando Mansion Cribs

Which Got Me Thinking...

How would your life change if your ANNUAL income suddenly became your MONTHLY Income?

This is actually two questions in one.

The first question is the one asked. How would your life change? What would you do differently?

Would you keep living where you live?

Would you were different clothes, drive a different car?

What would change?

The other question is a little deeper. Here it is: How do you FEEL about that question?

Did you think,

"Turn an ANNUAL INCOME into a MONTHLY INCOME? That's too much to be Realistic"


Were you EXCITED To Think About What That Number Would Be For YOU?

A great deal of what you achieve financially depends on how you FEEL about money.

What would you change if your Annual Income became your Monthly Income?

If that question excites you, you might want to watch this video: CLICK HERE NOW

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