New Delhi, India

India: A place filled with sacred customs

Have you ever wondered about the culture surrounding the lives of our friends from India?

In India, their economy is an open market. You can purchase or trade the food there, which are often spicy and influenced by a diversity of flavors and regional cuisines. The normal meal that Indians eat consists of vegetables, meat or fish and some yogurt which is similar to what we eat. Staple foods in India include, rice, flour and lentils. India has a lot of great and diverse food choices.

You may be supprised by how similar india is compared to us.

Many similarities

Indian culture has many similarities to our lifestyle here in the US. India's musical sounds are made from over 500 different Indian instruments, but one of the most popular instruments, the Sitar, which was designed by Ravi Shankar, is not that different from our Acoustic Guitar. Another interesting similarity is that India's national holiday is called Republic's Day, which is celebrated on January 26. This was the day the Indian constitution was created back in 1950. From India's fantastic instruments to its memorable holidays, it's culture is definitely something to explore.

More About The Music

Here is a video example of classical Indian Sitar music.
Anoushka Shankar plays 'Pancham Se Gara'

Hmmm what to do?

If you are wondering what fun you can have in India, well I can answer that! If you visit the countryside, you will probably enjoy a game of Chess, Parcheesi or Seven Stones, which is very close to our Dodgeball but even more aggressive. For people who like team competition, they have competitive games like Racing, Wrestling, Kabaddi and Cricket, which is their version of our baseball. For those who don't like games, they also have historical sights and national monuments like the Lotus Temple, which was made for worship and constructed in 1968, and the India Gate which was built in 1931 and was inspired by the Arc De Triomphe. In India you will always find something to do.

What to look for in India

India has a lot of monuments. One of the most famous is the Taj Mahal. It was built by Shah Jahan and took 22 years to build. The Indian museum was founded in 1814 and holds armor, fossils and antiques. Another interesting thing in India is they have Sun Dials which they use to tell the time of year, month, day and hour. Now you know what to look forward to when you visit India!

The Indian Language

India has a lot of languages! The two main languages spoken in India are English and Hindu. The rest speak Begali, Kaskmiri, Sanskrit and other languages. Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism are religions practiced here too. Now you know how to prepare for your trip to India.

Climate Change

The climate in India varies from Monsoons in the south to freezing weather in the north. The Himalaya Mountains help with the climate by blocking the winds. India also has four seasons which is similar to us, except that December through February is the summer which is opposite of us. October through November brings a lot of rain through the northeast, so if you ever visit India be prepared for the climate change!

Map of India