Survival through the Life of Pi

227 days at Sea with a Bengal Tiger

Little information about me and the novel

Hello, My name is Anna Dommaschk and I am a student at ISZL studying English. In my English class we were studying the novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Ill give you a little summary of the novel, Pi is a boy that studied Zoology and Theology. He was traveling to Canada with his family on a ship when a thunder stormed happened and the ship sank with leaving him as the only survivor with a tiger. Both Pi and the tiger survived 227 days at sea.

Chapter 37

I was glaring at this human with what I would think are my yellow eyes with little fiery bits of red but yet again I wouldn’t know the color of my eyes since I have never seem them before. The only thing on my mind was my craving hunger of eating this human I see, I could smell him from where I was, I could feel the warm temperature of his blood moving through his body, circulating around everywhere. I could see the deep red color of the blood. This was not helping my cravings right now. I felt like I was a little child excited to see some candy.

I had to keep my excitement of the candy in front of me inside my big hallow stomach for the time being since I am swimming in this massive ocean and I didn’t really want to die having this craving for the yummy candy. Pfft this stupid human is asking me if I just don’t love life so keep swimming. Who is this guy? Why would you even ask that? Such a stupid thing to ask, I mean come on, everyone loves life. Something that is really making me annoyed at this human is that he won’t stop blowing his stupid, loud whistle. They said his name was Pi.

After what seemed like four hours of swimming, I finally got to the lifeboat. I didn’t realize that Pi and I had to share the same lifeboat. The main problem is that the lifeboat is not very big and I am starving. I am quite a big guy, which means I need to fill my big belly some how. Since I got on the lifeboat I cannot stop thinking about eating Pi. I don’t think it will end well for Pi in the next few minutes.
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Oh man what is the grumbling sound? Where is that coming from? Oh wait I think it is coming from my stomach. That’s not good. No, no, no. What do I do? I am so hungry. Pi looks so good right now, and I think he will fulfill my hunger. He is just sitting on one end of the lifeboat not really doing anything. This is my call. I slowly get into a sitting position since I was lying down. I now get into a low creep stance so I can slowly creep up to him and catch him with one bite.

I didn’t even feel bad when taking Pi’s life. I felt good and so did my stomach. I was so hungry and now I am filled. I wasn’t even gentle with Pi. The second I had him in my mouth I ripped him to bits; blood was all over the boat and all over my mouth. My ears heard the sound of little human bones being crushed in my mouth. The meat was so soft and so tender. I enjoyed every last bit of Pi.


Characterisation is one of the major elements in the novel and I tried to incorporate this into the story using Richard Parker as a main character, showing how he is as a character and how he evolves over the 227 days on the life boat. I picked the topic of Survival because I thought that this was one key topics though out the novel. Both Pi and Richard Parker try and find ways to survive 227 days at sea with not a lot of resources. I wrote in first person just like Yann Martel, in this case in Richard Parkers point of view. In the novel you only know what Pi's point of view was so I wanted to show what Richard Parkers point of view would look like since we never really know what he is feels or thinks. I think that the first part of the story is quite strong. I also think that the end is strong too when Richard Parker ended up eating Pi. I tried to great a lot of visual imagery and show that throughout the story. I wanted the reader to really feel how Richard Parker feels.

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