Amberley Snyder

two feet move your body.. four feet move mine.

Growing up

Amberley Snyder a 29 year old professional barrel racer hasn't always overcome obstacles the way she does today. Like other kids she had siblings went to school did homework and participated in school activities, Except she was a barrel racer, she galloped through the air on her horse. From the time she was three she was on a horses back. She never had friends to hang out with because she was at a show rodeo or training. When she turned seven she had to move to Utah with her father because he had to change jobs. She would not move from the house until he bought her a horse. she got a palomino named Gunner he was six years old he led her to have a passion that would help her through a lot.

The Accident

When Amberley was 18 she was on her way to a stock show driving her truck she glanced down at her map to make sure she was on the right roads, she looked back up and she was headed straight for a guard rail. She turned the car, but it spun on some ice and she went into a snow bank. The car rolled 18 times the paramedics and investigators think Amberley flew out of the car on roll 8 or 9. When she flew out she hit a pole and her body got wrapped around it. Amberley says she remembers all of it, she remembers everything calming down and her not being able to feel or move her legs as well. When she was in the hospital and rehabilitation all she could think about were her horses and the shows and her love for the sport. Amberly says she had to come up with goals while in the hospital and she said the doctors said she was crazy. Ride, Compete, Walk! she said she already has four legs to move her does she really need two more. she still cant walk on her own but she does ride at a national level.
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Amberley Snyder: Barrel Racing jackpots after paralyzing accident


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