The United States

By: Christopher & Logan

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United States Flag

  • The first flag of the United States was created in 1776.
  • The original flag had 13 stars, one for each state.
  • The newest US flag has 50 stars. There are 13 red and white stripes on the flag, one for each of the original colonies.
  • The flag is red, white, and blue. Sometimes the flag is called Old Glory because it is a symbol of strength and courage.


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  1. The United States is about 9,826,630 square kilometers.
  2. The country is bordered by Canada and Mexico.
  3. The climate is mostly temperate but can be tropical (Hawaii) and subarctic (Alaska).
  4. The largest Mountain is Mount McKinley.
  5. The US has many large rivers like the Mississippi and the Missouri.

Comparing the United States and Cuba

  • The United States is much larger than Cuba.

  • The climate in the US is mostly temperate and Cuba is tropical.

  • The GDP of Cuba is only in the billions and the US GDP is in the trillions!

  • Cuba doesn’t have many imports or exports but the US has a lot.

  • The US and Cuba both have life expectancy in the 70’s.

  • In US and Cuba you can be in the military when you turn 17.