By Luke and Garrett

The definition of netiquette.

The correct and respectful way to act on the internet

Top 10 Reasons Why We Need Netiquette

1. Netiquette helps with are manners and how we act on the Internet.

2. When sending a school email be respectful of your teachers and principals bruise it is not your school email.

3. Think before you send.

4. Don't be the king with to much power on the internet.

5. Don't be a siber bully.

6. Don't type in all caps it means your yelling on the Internet.

7. Don't spam, spam is unwanted emails or useless junk.

8. Act professional at all times you never know your future boss might be on the Internet.

9. Proofread your emails before you send them, the reader might not not understand what you mean.

10. The Golden Rule is probably the most important rule (do onto others as you would them to do onto you

We hope you follow these rules