Game Plan II


Presented by Carl Eller and The University of Minnesota

Game Plan II is a comprehensive program designed to meet the needs of the NFL players as they transition into their post-NFL life.

The NFL is seeking individuals to participate in a pilot for this course

While the curriculum is designed for active players, we would like the involvement of retired players and others connected with the NFL to commit to working through the materials presented and provide valuable feedback as we prepare to offer the course to active players.

This is an 8-week course that is fully online and accessible through any mobile device. Participants will be engaged in the course material 1.5-3 hours per week. Course Objectives:

  • —Begins preparing players for the transition while still active in The League
  • —Provides the player new training and skills in a confidential environment
  • —Encourages player development and builds self esteem and confidence
  • —Addresses post-retirement transition issues

  • —Moves player towards creating a balanced life style

  • —Player realizes over-all well being

Course Instructor

Retired NFL Player and Pro Hall of Fame Inductee, Carl Eller, has created Game Plan II based on research commissioned on retired NFL players and his expertise as a drug and mental health professional. With his expansive experience in The League, Mr. Eller brings a unique credibility to which players will relate. Game Plan II has been created into a dynamic interactive online course by the University of Minnesota.