STAAR 2016

Are You Ready? Testing is right around the corner!

Is your campus ready?

  1. Have you distributed test manuals to all Test Administrators (TA)? STAAR, STAAR-A, STAAR-L, and STAAR ALT 2? Do you have enought? If not, email me. Some manuals are available only online at this time.
  2. Have you conducted genereal test training for all staff (principals, APs, teachers, paras, subs, monitors, custodians, food service, nurses, office staff, etc.)? Do you have a sign-in sheet for training(s)? Have you sent a copy to me?
  3. Have you conducted test specific training for specific TAs? (STAAR-A, STAAR-L, STAAR- ALT2, Oral Administration, Large print paper administration, etc.) Do you have a sign-in sheet? Have you sent a copy to me?
  4. Do you have a signed oath from all certified and non-certified staff? Have you sent me copies?
  5. Do you have a map with room assignments listed? Have you sent me a copy?
  6. Do you have Test Administrator assignments? Do you have students assigned to testing rooms? Have you sent me a copy?
  7. Do you have all resources gathered? Supplemental aids? Charts? Scratch paper? Sharpened pencils? Dictionaries? Calculators? Etc.

Testing Materials and Buckets

  1. Do you have pre-coded answer documents (AD) for all students?
  2. Do you have enough blank answer documents for students without a precoded AD?
  3. Do you have enough test booklets?
  4. Do you have enough oral test booklets for oral administration? (These are seperate this year).
  5. Do you have a plan for checking in and checking out materials?
  6. Do you have your cell phone policy?
  7. Do you have Test Day Instructions?
  8. Do you have your Testing Do Not Disturb signs? Help signs? Restroom Pass?
  9. Do you have seating charts with a place to report time for each student?
  10. Do you have an attendance roster for each bucket? Accommodations roster?
  11. Do you have charts for math and science? STAAR A writing checklists for grades 4, 7 Eng I and Eng II? STAAR A Punnett Squares for Biology?
  12. Do you have student specific accommodations? Supplemental aids, manipulatives, color overlays, etc.
  13. Do you have enough calculators?
  14. Do you have enough dictionaries?

Test Day Specifics

  1. Do you have a plan for keeping time for each student (grades 3-8 only)?
  2. Do you have a plan for lunch?
  3. Do you have a plan for moving or consolidating testing rooms?
  4. Are the rooms ready? Computers off. Phones off. Instructional materials covered up. Desk are clear.
  5. Do you have a plan for monitoring classrooms? Do you have a plan for relieving TAs? Have these monitors/relievers been properly trained? Do you have an oath?
  6. Do you have a plan for dealing with incidents?

After Testing

  1. Verify all answer documents have been returned to you (group by test).
  2. Verify all test booklets have been returned to you (group by test).
  3. Make arrangements for make-up testers.
  4. Get materials ready for return. Please follow the exact instructions in your DCCM.
  5. Shred the following: scratch paper, formula charts, etc that shows student work or notes; student authorization letters; typed or handwritten responses that were transcribed. Make sure to use the Shredding Documentation I sent you.
  6. Void all documents that need to be voided. Bundle voided documents separately.
  7. Return all materials to DTC-- scorable (groups by campus and class ID sheets) and nonscorable, seating charts, material control forms.
  8. When preparing documents for return to the DTC please follow the exact instruction in your DCCM. This will save me a lot of time.