by: Noe Diawaku


Discrimination is just a terrible thing we have in this world. People will exclude them from certain groups because of their race or what they believe in, like religion. It makes the person that you are discriminating feel very upset and probably think they should not even be alive. Discrimination and bullying kind of go together.
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Discrimination can really just affect anyone, but we mostly see it for race or religion. The reason why they attack them is because their different, and people are just trying to hurt them enough to the point where they will just lose it,
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I think it should be a movement is because its still here in 2015, and we need to get rid of it and accept who people are. If we make it a movement it will probably remind them of back then when it was an even more big deal. So I just hope it touches their hearts to just accept them for who they are.


I think the movement should be somewhere in the south of the United States, because of the slavery and the separation of blacks and whites. It would remind them of how they became one nation. Also how they accepted each other.


My goal for this memorial/movement is to stop discrimination all around the world. There just needs to be peace, so no one gets hurt or feel ashamed of who they are.
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