1A Classroom Update 4

November 13, 2015

Happy New Month!

Our 1A friends have started this new month with a bang! In these past few weeks, our first graders have blossomed into stronger mathematicians, reading experts, and intuitive authors. Let's not forget to mention that they have also opened their architect minds to plan out how to build homes for Inquiry. In order for us to keep building on our own community, we have also continued to build on our Pow Wow's which are skits performed by none other than myself and Mr. Padilla! In these skits, we demonstrate to students some of the general kid sized problems we see in the classroom and have our friends come up with the solutions. This is also an opportunity for our 1A friends to share their feelings and talk to their friends and find a way to solve the problem. We are so proud of the progress they have made and we will continue to keep you posted on these marvelous accomplishments done by these wonderful scholars.

Reading Experts!

Our reading experts continue to work on given strategies to strengthen their reading skills. We are proud of the strives they are making during guided reading and all the ideas shared during Readers Workshop. In Reader's Workshop, we continue to work on making connections with the books we read. We have been making deeper connections by finding and recording the connections students have to characters as well as settings. For example, we read the book A Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats and spoke about what we all do on snowy days and made connections to the characters in the book. Our 1A friends are also learning how to make text-text connections to develop a deeper understanding of characters as well as being able to compare author's styles.

1A Authors!

In these past two weeks our friends are now "zooming in" their small moment stories. They have started by organizing their stories with a Story Planner that divides the beginning, middle, and, end into different sections. This week we have focused on writing the beginning and middle of their stories. They are encouraged to include who they were with, where did they go, and what happened in their story. Please encourage students to tell you about their small moment stories and how they can make them come to life on paper!

Strong Mathematicians!

It's official! Our mathematicians have made their way to subtraction problems. After much hard work working on both addition and missing number problems our 1a friends have embarked on their next mathematical step into the wonderful world of subtraction. We've also been studying the concept of a number line and how it can help us when doing addition and subtraction problems. Friday the 13th was also our first day studying geometrical shapes. Learning the difference between a 3 dimensional and a 2 dimensional object. Our next step is to continue our understanding of subtraction problems as well as shapes. 1st grade math is up and running!


  • We are still in need of shoe boxes! Please send in any extra if you have not sent any in please make sure to do so. We are about to start building and want to make sure each child has one! Thanks so much!
  • Yellow Take Home Folders have gone home today! Some of the work is not yet finished so please feel free to complete these at home with your child. Also remember to return the empty folders on Monday!
  • We have a classroom trip to SIMS Recycling Center on Thursday November 19. We will be boarding the bus at 10:00am and leaving the SIMS Recycling Center from 1-1:30pm. Thank you to the parent volunteers who are coming over to help! If you are a parent who is coming on this trip, please make sure to be at the school by 9:30am.
  • Special Spot Photos! Last Call! Please make sure if you have not yet done so to send us a picture of your child's favorite spot in their home. It is very helpful when students can get a deeper understanding and make connections to others homes within their own class!
  • POTLUCK - 1A is planning on having their very own first POTLUCK on Wednesday November 25. We know it is very difficult for parents to come in but we would love to have you come over and have a mini Thanksgiving with our 1A friends. We will send out further details when the dates get closer


We just wanted to take the time out to say Thank You!!!!!!! Our parent reps have spent some time setting up our Amazon Accounts and we are truly grateful for all the materials that you have all sent in. 1A is so excited to start using these awesome materials! We appreciate you all!

Monster Mashing!

1A enjoyed learning the 1962 Classic "Monster Mash". Also a book by David Catrow, the BPCS version of the Monster Mash caught on in a flash and was a real graveyard smash!

Food Policy

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School believes that no student should go hungry throughout the school day. As such, if a student requests any meal (breakfast, snack, and/or lunch), that student will be served and their meal account will be charged with the expectation that all charges be paid in full by the student's family each billing cycle. To stay apprised of your student's meal account, families may log into TeacherEase to obtain up-to-date information. We strongly encourage families to prepay for meals and/or provide students with meals each day to avoid any unexpected charges. In addition, if you believe that you qualify for free or reduced meal status, please complete and submit an application as soon as possible. To request an application, contact our main number at 718-722-7634.

A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

First Grade Scientists have begun planning and prepping for their final project--a model biome! While really exploring the plants and animals that make up their biomes, they are also starting to zero in on a "featured animal" that will be a centerpiece in their model. Soon they'll be material shopping and building the plant features in their biome models, all while connecting the environmental conditions of their biome to the reality of living there, including ways that animals adapt and build shelter to survive. We can't wait to see what they'll discover as they build!

¡1A baila, canta y hace teatro en Español!

1A continues to explore the Spanish Language through Immersion. At the beginning of November we celebrated el Día de los Muertos by creating an altar for those who pass away. We learned that this tradition is part of cultural experience in some Spanish Speaking countries but mostly in México. We also learned and understand that is not a sad celebration but instead a happy one that remember happy moments with those who are not longer with us.

Now we are learning different types of casas (houses) and we are so excited with our new song. (Check out the lyrics and the video below.) We also created a puppet show based on one of our favorite classic story: Los tres cerditos.

Please continue practicing at home our song and new vocabulary words.

Casa Song


Muchas gracias,

Ms. Rosado

¡Yo tengo una casa 1A!

Yo tengo una casa 1A

Teatro en Español

El altar del día de los muertos (2 de noviembre de 2015)

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