Their god is called Yahwey

All about Judaism

There are some very important traits of Judaism. They have five main traits for their key beliefs. Prayer, Shabbnt the holy day from Friday evening to Saturday evening, study Torah, follow Gods laws, including 10 commandments, Justice emphasized; God considers all people equal. Their followers are called Jews. Some Jews only eat Koster foods. Some don't eat pork, shellfish, or mixing of milk and meat products. They worship at a synagogue. Their worship leader is a Rabbi. Their holy book is Tanakh. They have a lot of holy holidays. There new year is Rosh Hashana, Fasting starts then and ends at Yom Kipper. Passover is for the angel of death. Hanukkah celebrates miracle of oil lasting 8 days when only enough for one day in a temple. There holy cite is the western wall (also known as the wailing wall) in Jerusalem.

The Similar traits

They all love their god. They all had Abraham found their religions.