A Christmas Carol

Book by Charles Dickens

You should definitely read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens because the books was very detailed about how Scrooge, a grumpy old man to a kind open hearted man. First off, it is a great story of change from how Scrooge hates everything but when he is visited by three spirits he finds out he has to change or he will have no future, which he does change in fear of tiny Tim and himself. In addition to that you have to know something about figurative language and just old language because this book uses so much language in it you won't understand to book and you will be confused and won't have any idea what they are talking about. An instance in the book I thought was really good was the ghosts I think they had a big role in the book to make it good and make it interesting because they all had there own story. In conclusion this is a great story if you like to read a good story about change or just want to read about a cool adventure.

Sacrifices made

Scrooge had to sacrifice his wealth and his selfishness to have a future. If he did not do this he and Tiny Tim and many more people would die. I had a choice to play lacrosse or baseball I could not do both even though I really wanted to. I had to sacrifice baseball in order to play lacrosse.