Principal's News

Week 5, Term 2

Thanks everyone....

Last week was a big one. Thank-you to everyone for 'going with the flow' on Grandparents Day, 'being patient' for the Mother's Day Stall and for song and prayer at the Family Week Liturgy. The Grade 2/3 team did a great job and our students are to be commended on their attentiveness and for joining in the spirit of the occasion.

This week is all about 2014 for me as I begin the interview process with applicants to our school. Again, we have more applicants than we can cater for which says something about the value of our school in the community. I consider that you are great contributors to the popularity of St Augustine's. Our greatest PR comes from our current parents who know us to be ....

  • Welcoming and friendly
  • Professional in all we do
  • Firm but fair and always respectful of students
  • Organised and efficient

These characteristics are evident from the moment we greet the students in the morning until you walk them out in the afternoon. Such little things but so important. So next time you smile at your students when you greet them, just remember that the eyes of the community are on you.

No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” — Confucius


Connie O'Dea begins work at St Augustine's this week. She will replace Mary Stewart while she is on LSL. Connie is a former parent at our school.

Reminders ....

  • If your kids are stripping off in the room it possibly means that you need to turn down the heater
  • If they are dozing, ventilation might be the answer
  • Out of your room .... heaters and lights OFF please
  • Calm, Calm, Calm .... NAPLAN, NAPLAN, NAPLAN
  • Smile :) and be cheerful

Hello from Siobhan

Hi Denise,

How are you? How's St Augustines going? Still ticking along without me? :-)

I'm having such an amazing experience. Steph and I are in Florence at the moment. We spent 2 very busy days in Rome and stayed in Naples but did two day visits to Pompeii and Positano.
Just gorgeous. We've eaten lots of pasta and pizza, so I feel I'm adding on a few kgs! Ha. The markets are great for getting lost in and I'm doing a Tuscan winery tour tomorrow which I'm very excited about.

I love all the comments I've been receiving on my blog, it's a such a great way to share my experience with everyone. There should be a postcard on the way too.

How are the grade 5/6s going? And the teachers? I just remembered it's nearly report writing time so I hope everyone's doing well.

Take care,
Cheers Siobhan :-)