Hand dryers

by: Sophia, Katy ,Mili ,And Olivia

They hand dryers we have now

The hand dryers we have now are called Dayton warm air hand dryers. We went around the school and found some interesting things.


We are trying to replace the deyton hand dryers with more eco-friendly jet hand dryers.

The Price

-We found out that the Deyton Hand Dryers we are using are $589.13 for each one and the new jet dryers are $299 for each with shipping.

-We would save a total of $290.13.

-We are going to save money by doing a valentine candy grams, fun runs, and Selling food and drinks.

Pros and cons of jet hand dryers.


Easy to use

Better for the environment

Quiet and user friendly

Anti bacterial filter

Easy to control

Choice of colors




Our Plan

- There are 15 bathrooms that we want to put new hand dryers in

- We want to put 2 hand dryers in each

- Each dryer cost $299.00 per each

- That would not be the total cost because of shipping and we would need to hire a person come and put the dryers in.

- We would need the approval from Mrs. Frose before we can put them in

JET DRYER Electric Hand Dryers - Energy Efficient, Eco-Friendly- www.jetdryer.com.au

How are the Jet Hand Dryers efficient for our school?

Jet hand dryers would be efficient to our school because

-It doesn't keep running after you are done

-It will save more energy

-It won't disturb anyone whos classes are right by the bathroom.