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Many businesses decide to wait until they grow big enough to get business insurance, but I can tell you

from experience that a percentage of those people lost everything because of that decision and had

to start over. If you have a small, one man business chances are it will not be expensive to get basic

insurance to protect you from unforeseen liabilities, but there are other large commercial business insurance needs that should

concern you, such as loss, theft or destruction of equipment, inventory or money and all the normal

things that everyone needs to worry about - fire, natural disasters and more.

The simple fact is when you go into business you are opening yourself up to professional liability coverage issues. These may

be from the public or from other businesses or from part time employees or contractors that you hire.

The name Andrew Boshwit is synonymous with service. I have been an independent insurance broker

for nearly thirty years in the Memphis Tennessee area and am an expert in business, property and

casualty insurance.

By working with a variety of carriers, I can insure that all of your business insurance needs are being

met. I will analyze your business to make sure there are no gaps in coverage that could leave you

vulnerable. Not all companies and policies are the same, and I take pride in the fact that every customer

is different. Together we can come up with an insurance plan that fits your business perfectly.

One of the areas that many businesses overlook is loss of revenue insurance. If your business is

established, the worries you have from the fire are just starting with the property, equipment and

inventory that were lost. What about the loss of revenue and profit during the two months that it takes

to rebuild? What about your employees being covered so that when things are finally back on line you

have the same experienced staff you had before?

These are considerations that most businesses don't consider until it's too late, but just like flood

insurance you do not want to find out how important this type of coverage is before you get it.

These considerations and others all go into selecting the right policies and riders for your business

coverage. If you are just starting out, then employee and revenue riders won't do you any good, and you

may not need as much property coverage, but your liability issues may still be the same as with a larger


Give me a call at Memphis Commercial Business Insurance and let me find the best, most economical

insurance for your company.