Library News

Countdown to Summer!

Textbook Return

6th grade - Thursday, May 29th (before 6th grade camp).
7th grade - Monday, June 2nd
8th grade - Tuesday, June 3rd
All library books will be due on Friday, May 23rd.

Students will turn in their books during their Literature class. Mrs. DuPont or Mrs. Pacheco will contact you to schedule your class.

We know some of you will be moving classrooms, grades, or subjects. In order to keep our inventory accurate, please RETURN any books you will not be using next year. Please DON"T leave them in the classroom for the next teacher. This gives us an opportunity to check the condition, reconcile the quantity so we know how many books we have, and make sure that what you have checked out to you matches your record. Return them as soon as possible. If you can avoid it, don't wait until the last couple of days of school. Sooner is better. We can start taking items now if you don't need them for next year.The library closes for summer on the last day of school.

Poetry Contest

Students may submit poems until May 12th. (Please remind your students that spelling errors will put their poem out of the top 10.) A committee of judges (Any volunteers?) will pick the best ten. Of those ten, students will vote on their three favorites. The winners will have a pizza party in the library during lunch. What? Food in the library?!

Check it Out! "America Comes of Age"

In collaboration with Mrs. Foxley's Literature classes the library will host an exhibition of student work based on their reading of "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry". The project can be any creative work approved by the teacher that answers the question, "In 2014, are we coming of age in terms of equality?" The best projects will be displayed starting the 2nd week in May and will continue to be on display next year.