Brewster School Newsletter

December 18, 2015


Shout Outs

Please recognize your colleagues by sharing a Shout Out!
  • To Tiger for an amazing performance yesterday. The children sounded absolutely beautiful. If we weren't in the holiday spirit, we are now.
  • To teachers and paraprofessionals for keeping the students focused on learning during this very exciting time of year.
  • To everyone who participated in the Ugly Sweater contest.
  • To Katie and Lori for helping Sandy sign in all our guest yesterday for the concerts.


  • Last chance! Give Patti a list of anything you are getting rid of and would like removed from your room over the break.
  • If you are interested in a Coaching Cycle after the holidays please complete the paperwork and forward it to me ASAP.


  • The Team Leader meeting for Monday morning is cancelled.
  • Visits begin when we get back in January. (I am hoping to put them off until the second week if possible.) I will let you know how many visits we have for the following week in the newsletter. Of course, the number of visits may change. I will put the sign-up sheet in the faculty room. Please chat with your team so that our visitors see different activities. If you have student work please hang it around the school. Thank you in advance for all the work you do to provide insightful visits to our guests.
  • During the faculty meeting, I will share any information I have about the closing of Korn and the the third grade move to Brewster.

School Happenings

December 23 - Class parties, Early Dismissal

December 24- Jan 3 - Winter Recess

Jan 5 - Faculty meeting

Jan 6 - Visits begin (hopefully we will actually have our first one on Jan. 11th)


Thank you to everyone for participating in Ugly Sweater Day today. The winners are
1st place and the $25 gas card went to Jo, 2nd place and the $20 movie tickets went to Bonnie, and 3rd place and the $15 Target gift card went to Maura Lundt.

Thank you for the birthday treats from Maura L, MaryBeth, Tammy, Jen T, Carm and Jeff and happy birthday to all those December babies.

Sunshine will be having a re-gifting grab bag and hosting a holiday breakfast on Tuesday, December 22nd. Please bring in a gift item that you received in another grab bag. The stranger the better. If you bring in a grab bag item you can pick one out for yourself. Please sign up to bring an item for breakfast and join us in the celebration.

If you have noteworthy information or know a colleague who does, please share it with me so it can be acknowledged in our newsletter.