As a Independent AMBIT ENERGY Consultant

I use AMBIT ENERGY to power my way to Financial Freedom.

Troy A. Jones President of freegaselectric energy Services

"To be the finest most respected energy retailer in the country"

-Jere Thompson CEO, Ambit Energy

"Never sacrifice integrity for growth"

Ambit Energy's Motto

"Energy deregulation will lead to the largest transfer of wealth in history"

-Warren Buffett

WHAT'S YOUR WHY? What would you do, to achieve financial freedom for you & your family?

Everybody has their own motivations for the things they do.

My motivation for becoming an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant , is I want to be able to live debt free and take care of my family.

Whether it is your retirement, children's' college fund, paying off the mortgage quicker; YOU KNOW YOUR WHY, AMBIT Knows The WAY!


As an Independent Consultant for Ambit Energy, I help people save money on their Utility bills even to the point of getting free Energy. Then I teach others to do the same.

Funny thing is I make a great income from doing something I really love!

My Why,,,

For a couple of years

I will live a life that most

people won’t, so that in a couple

of years, I can live a life that most people can’t.

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