South Carolina

'The Palmetto State'

Why South Carolina?

South Carolina is located in the Southern colonies region. Our state serves as a great home to agricultural needs including tobacco, rice, cotton, vegetables, grain, fruit, corn, and livestock.

Founding of South Carolina

Carolina was a very large colony founded in 1663 and ruled by one person. Eventually it was realized that the colony was too large to be ruled by one person alone so the colony was spilt in half. South Carolina was founded in 1712 by Eight nobles who had a royal charter from Charles II. The reason for founding South Carolina was the need for space to grow rice, farm and trade. The capital city of South Carolina, Charleston, was home to a lot of Atlantic Ocean traffic due to its large surpluses.

My neighbors?

South Carolina is home to a rather large and rapidly growing population. Our census from 1720 told us that there were 17,000 people living in South Carolina. In 1790 a slave and white population census was held tell us that there were 108, 895 slaves and 140, 178 whites. Since then other censuses have been held telling us that the slave population has now exceeded the white population. Our colony is mostly made up of slaves from Barbados and white settlers.

Are there many conflicts?

Since South Carolina became its own colony there have only been two conflicts. These conflicts were the Yamasee War that lasted from 1715-1717 and the War of Regulation that was from 1765-1771.

What makes South Carolina different?

There are only two other colonies, Georgia and Virginia, that have the same amount of slaves as South Carolina yet they are both twice the size of South Carolina. American president Andrew Jackson (1829-37) was from South Carolina as well.

Type of Government?

Before the Revolutionary war South Carolina had a Royal Charter and after the Revolutionary war it was changed into a State Charter.

What role have they played in American history?

During the American Revolution the British did not take Charleston but the town of Charleston was eventually besieged in 1780. Due to the town being besieged the capital was changed to Columbia and the royal charter was replaced with a state charter in 1790. During the time of the American Constitution Charles Pickney was chosen to be a state delegate, he was the first to speak out at many meetings and became the governor of South Carolina in 1789.