State facts

Nevada, California,Connecticut


capital:Carson city

nickname:The Silver State

date of statehood:October31,1864

state flower:Sagebrush

state tree:Bristlecone Pine

interesting facts:Over 38.9 million people visit Las Vegas each year.Nevada has the highest cattle.IT well take 288 years to do a complete turn in a hotel in Las Vegas

tourist attractions:Hover Dam a big lake. The Mob museum has Nascar real cars has another section for kids like talking Elmo and that stuff .Another one is a callasped caven it is 117ft. fromground.



nickname:Golden state

statehood:September 9 1850

state flower:California poppy

state bird:California valley Quail

state tree:Redwood

interesting facts:They found gold thier.Frenso proclaims itself the rasin capital of the world.They have amazing land.

tourist attractions:Found gold thier alot of gold in this state.They found a mountain that has gold in it. Has some crepy trees that open like thier legs



nickname:Constitution state

date of statehood:January 9,1788

state flower:Mountain laurel

state bird:Robin

State tree:White Oak

interesting facts: Connecticut and Rd.Island never ratified the 18 amendment.Connecticut is home to the first hamburger.Even home to helicopters.

tourist attractions: they have one of the biggest zoo in the world.They have a big aquarim . they even have some big theaters

Alan Garcia