April 2015 Counselor's News

Kacy Rodgers, MA, CSC, LPC-Intern

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung and we are on the downhill slide of school. This is a great time to review expectations and social skills with your classroom. Often we assume students know how to behave in different situations, but if it is not directly taught and reviewed, we cannot be sure if their idea appropriate behavior and our's are the same thing. So take the first 5 minutes of each class to review expectations or teach a social skill like apologizing, standing in line, personal space, appropriate touch, sharing, taking turns, sportsmanship or any other skill you see a need for. I have resources in my office you are welcome to use anytime.

Please review all of your 504 plans. If there are accommodations that are not effective, not needed, or new accommodations that are needed, please see me so that we can make the needed changes. I will then schedule meetings. We must meet on all 3rd grade students before they go to 4th grade.

STAAR Test Administrator Security Training

Click here to complete 3 online security modules. Everyone that will be testing or monitoring hallways must complete this training, Please print your certificates and turn into the test coordinator by April 6th.

Test Anxiety

This Test Does Not Define You

STAAR Motivation

STAAR Test Funk
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Check out the resources that I gave you in January for lessons to use with your class and the video below would be great for a rainy day recess.

If you would like more lessons or resources come by and see me any time.

Adventures from the Book of Virtues: Honesty