Importance of the Seven Principles

Chickering's principles provide a guideline for faculty members to ensure best practice in the classroom and help support a high level of student success.

They lay the foundation for encouraging instructors to actively engage with their students and show students that instructors have a vested interest in their academic success.

The principles show instructors the importance of creating a sense of collaboration among students and encourage teamwork skills in the classroom.

They outline the importance of providing prompt, constructive feedback to students so they are granted the full benefits from their course. They also ensure course assignments are relevant to our course outcomes and workplace capabilities and students are not just completing “busy work”.

The principles also encourage instructors to expect more from our students and challenge them in the classroom, while keeping in mind that each student is very different and all learn in different ways.

Bryant & Stratton College also utilizes the Seven Principles as a guide for evaluating an instructors’ performance in the classroom. Please review the evaluations linked below to familiarize yourself with the expectations and how the Seven Principles are applied.