"The Immortal Super Intelligent Baby Cow ultima and... The Sheep"

One day the immortal super intelligent baby cow ultima was wondering around the farm tending to his kingly duties because who else would be king of the farm obviously nobody besides the baby cow that can crush your skull with thought of crushing your skull. So as the king of the farm returned to his castle or as the humans called it the barn he returned to his castle and his squire aka the sheep was there waiting to do his command. As the king telepathically hovered to his throne the sheep said, "is there any thing I can get you master." The cow responded in his deep booming voice," yes, bring me the sharpest and most unsafe sword in the kingdom." "yes sir", the sheep replied with a evil smirk and laugh under his breath. So the sheep bought the sword from the sword smith chicken and created a montage to go with it so this story wasn't too long sadly sense I'm reading this story I can not show the montage video. But before the squire could return to the king the sheep visited the creepy shady animal in the alleyway. The animal in the alleyway was pig the wizard and he enchanted the sword to magically kill the cow overlord at exactly 12:37.23 pm central time. Obviously the king with supreme intellect "didn't" see this coming and definitely "didn't" re-enchant the sword to do something so evil it would annihilate sheep and half the farm and then put it back in it case in his bedroom at 9:00.56 pm central time and went to bed. A few hours later at 12:37.17 am central time the sheep sneaked into the kings room so he could claim his crown and baby cow definitely was "not" aware the sword was about to stab him and definitely "wasn't" awake. So just as the sword was about to stab him. Baby cow muttered the magic words "cara sophies es muy blandita" and the sword magically transformed it's self into an I-phone and speakers with 78 laser light shows all combined into one and baby cow and the sheep danced until they fell asleep at 2:31.43 am central time. And that is the story of how baby cow ultima saved the entire earth. No it never happened that way he just wants to rule the univer... Hi my name is baby cow ultima I only have about exactly 20.36 seconds before I must consume more delicious potatoes to continue my telepathic possession of this narrators body and I do not have any potatoes present so I will tell you quickly, the secret to the creation of the universe is.


Stories can be deceiving.