13 Colonies

Manifest Destiny

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Colonist began arriving in the Western Hemisphere from several different countries. In 1607, Jamestown (now Virginia) became the first permanent settlement to be recognized as a Colony. In 1620, the Pilgrims arrived and set up a settlement in Plymouth which later became the Colony of Massachusetts.

The Colonies were then broken into 3 basic establishments based upon their location, agriculture and industries. The New England Colonies were known for farming and fishing. Major exports were ships, wood, fish and grains. Most colonists were self-sufficient and relied on their crops to feed their families. The religion of the area was primarily Puritan.

The Middle Colonies were mainly agricultural and industrial with a major export of grain. Many types of grains were grown by the Middle Colonies that were traded with England as well. Industrial opportunities included the production of iron and many types of fabrics. Religions in the area included Quaker, Catholic, Lutheran and Jewish.

The Southern Colonies were heavily into agriculture and farming. Many profitable staples included rice, greens and tobacco. The primary religions were Baptist and Anglican.

Colonist began to get upset with the rule of England, mainly in part due to higher taxes being imposed on them. Conflict and frustrations began to build. England recognized this resistance and tried to separate the Colonies by imposing sanctions and closing ports unless higher taxes were paid. This in fact pulled to Colonies together.

Revolutionaries took control of the Colonial Governments in 1775, established the Second Continental Congress and formed the Continental Army. Members of this new Congress were declared traitors by the King. The Second Continental Congress rebelled and declared their independence as a new Nation and formally rejected the British monarchy.


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