Morphine is a pain medication but is also known as narcotic.

Morphine good or bad?

Morphine is a narcotic drug used to relieve mild or sever pain. When morphine enters your body it works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain.


Morphine can be used either through an IV which it id injected into your body. As well with if you don't like needles it can also be given to you by mouth. This all normally happens in a hospital. Morphine can be prescribe to take at home but is is heavily watch and only a certain amount is aloud.

Slang Terms:

Dreamer, Emsel, First line, Gods drug, Hows, M.S, Miss Emma, Mister Blue, Morf, Unkie

Side effects:

Some ways that this drug can affect your body is that you may be constipated. You may also have some minor headache but it is normal. As well with dizziness because this drug affects your brain. It gives you a warm rush at first but then wears off. Depending on the dosage that the doctor gives you it can be sort or long effect.

Abuse/ Addiction

Some signs that show abuse and or addiction:

  • Shallow breathing. feels like they cant feel them self breath.
  • Feeling dizzy all the time and or like throwing up.
  • confused
  • Pupils are constricted
  • may go under cardiac arrest
  • Cold skin
  • May have mini comas
  • Lost of time
  • body has warm feeling
  • tingling
  • feel like you can run a marathon.
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Side Note:

When a mother is pregnant they usually don't give them morphine due to the fact that they are unclear if it will hurt the baby.