Part of the middle colonies

How did they make a living?

They're were able to live by farming there crops like corn and potatoes, by trading there goods to get other goods they would need, by things they made to sell and get money, and by learning different ways of doing things, and by hunting to get food as well.

What type of people lived here?

What type of government did Pennsylvania have?

The type of goverment of Pennsylvania.

There type of government was the Frame of Goverments and so Penn used this type of goverment to encourage religious and ethnic tolerance between his settlers. And his type of goverment helped with the following,, Religious Freedom, Trial by Jury, Freedom of the Press, and Limited use of Death Penalty.

The major cities in Pennsylvania

There were three major cities in the colonial Pennsylvania and they were,

Philadelphia ,



Significant landforms

Some significant landforms in Pennsylvania were Mt. Davis, the Appalachian Mts. which cut right through Pennsylvania, and they have lakes close by like Lake Erie.

What type of religion did they practice?

Colonial Pennsylvania practiced Quakers as there religion. And that was the way for most of the other middle colonies.

3-5 reasons why you would want to move here?

-I want to move here because it is up north

-I like snow so when it would snow I would love that

- And there would be a lot to do

Who, When, Why, Why

Pennsylvania was founded in 1787.

William Penn is the person who founded Pennsylvania

William Penn chose Pennsylvania because he had a land grant from his father.

William Penn founded Pennsylvania because of religious beliefs and freedom or Religion.