West Boylston Public Schools

September News

Major Edwards Elementary School News

Major Edwards Elementary was off to a great start in August. Our first few days were marked by a return to the normal routines and the rhythms of the day. Students were working very hard in every class within minutes of getting back to school. We can tell its going to be a great year.

West Boylston Middle School News

Full STEAM Ahead

The STEAM Academy opened its doors for the first time to 25 very excited seventh grade students. We are so excited about all of the wonderful learning that they will do this year.

West Boylston High School News

A Beautiful New Media Center

Students were greeted with a beautiful new media center when they returned from vacation. The stacks have been rearranged to make the space more appealing. The computer lab has been refreshed with new monitors and chairs. The entire room got a paint job, new carpeting, and new furniture. There is even an outdoor seating area complete with wi-fi so students can collaborate while enjoying some beautiful weather.