The Viking Monthly Bulletin

August 2023


Welcome back to UPHS, or if you are new to us this year, then welcome to Viking country! We are anxious to get the year started and excited to see some old and new faces. We were able to welcome our teachers back into the building last week and the energy and focus is top notch this year! Our theme is "Rowing Together in Excellence for 60 years" as this will be our 60th year anniversary of opening Union Pines High School in 1964. Another reason we chose "rowing together" as our theme is the culture of connecting classrooms, activities, families, and community together for a common goal. We want to see our students excel in the classroom and beyond. We want to take our students from being capable of moving and growing to the next level of moving and achieving high goals. In order to accomplish these goals, we need all hands on deck!

Again, welcome to the 23-24 school year. Let's row together! We are Union Pines; Stay Viking Strong!

UPHS Homepage

Our UPHS Homepage offers tons of important information for this school year. Make sure you check the Announcement page often in order to stay up to date on the latest events at UP.

August/September Important Dates

August 21st- Athletic Booster Club Meeting at 6PM

August 22nd- Back to School Night (High School)- Freshmen 4PM-5:30PM; all other grade levels 6:00-8:00PM

August 28th- First Day of School

September 4- Labor Day-No School

September 12 - Military Child Education Coalition Meeting at 6PM-7PM

September 29- Interim Reports

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Moore County Schools Family and Community Engagement

Moore County Schools is asking for feedback on when events and meetings can be held. Please take a moment to complete the brief survey:

Moore County Schools Family and Community Engagement

Back to School Night

Back to School Night for UPHS is Tuesday, August 22nd. In order to help with crowds and time, please arrive during the following times:

9th Grade - 4:00-5:30PM

10th-12th Grade - 6:00-8:00 PM

Upon arrival, you will receive your paper schedule in the gymnasium. From there, you can pay school fees and check out your Chromebook in the cafeteria. If you want to save time, you can pay Chromebook fees online ahead of time. If you pay the Chromebook fee online, then please make sure you have a digital receipt to show at Chromebook check out. Teachers will be waiting in their classrooms, so make sure you stop by to say hi and map out your first day of school!

Schedules were released online on Friday. Due to constraints with the master schedule, schedule changes can not be made unless there is a missing course requirement or a gap in a student's schedule. Please refer to the images to find out what qualifies as a schedule change. If a reason does not meet the criteria, then a change will not be made.

Last name A-G - Ms. Polly Robinson

Last name H-N - Ms. Jill Edwards

Last name O-Z - Ms. Lauren Giggey

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Student morning and afternoon Drop off

There are two locations for student drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon: front of school and Grady Rd parking lot (near the bus parking lot). Please make sure you are pulling all the way up to drop your student off or pick them up. Failure to do so creates traffic back ups and late students. As soon as you are next to the side walk, please have you student exit the vehicle. Please help us move our morning car line along. Students can be dropped off starting at 8:00 on the front lawn. The doors open at 8:30 for students to grab breakfast in the cafeteria or head to class.

If it is past 8:45 am, you must use the front entrance to drop your student off. No one is permitted to use the back parking lot after 8:45 for any reason.

Closed campus for lunch

Students and parents: we are a closed campus for lunch time. This means students are prohibited from leaving campus during their lunch break. Students who break this rule will be considered leaving campus without permission resulting in a suspension. This rule is enforced to keep your student safe.

Additionally, food delivery services are not allowed to our campus. Please read the Parent and Student Handbook for more information.

Dress Code

Please help us reinforce the Moore County Schools Dress Code policy. Parents of students who are not in compliance with the dress code policy will be contacted, informing them of the dress code policy in place and the support needed at home to help ensure everyone is in compliance. Below are the consequences of not complying with the dress code:

1st offense: Warning and change of clothes

2nd offense: 1 day ISS

3rd offense: 2 days ISS

As a reference, please refer to the diagram to learn what is acceptable and not acceptable for a professional school environment according to the Moore County Schools policies.

For specifics on the dress code, please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook.

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Parent Advisory Council

Each month, we invite parents to meet with administration to discuss needs of the school.The committee is a collective voice of parents or family members focused on how to increase parent and family engagement to ensure student success. We meet on the first Monday of every month in the cafeteria at 6PM.

Meeting dates:

October 2

November 6

December 4

February 5

March 4

April 1

May 6

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Athletic Calendar

Check out the latest in sports and visit the UP Athletics calendar page.

Go Fan Tickets

UPHS will offer two ways to pay for athletic event tickets: online or cash. GoFan is our online ticketing system that all schools in our conferences use. Here, you can also purchase family passes or student passes at a fantastic discounted price. Tickets are $8 for each fan in attendance.
GoFan Ticketing

Check out the family sports passes and student sports passes!

Athletic Booster Club

Follow the UPHS Booster Club Facebook page for great information on meeting dates, how you can support our student athletes, coaches, and our fantastic athletic programs. This year, all Booster Club meetings will be held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6 PM in the Cafeteria.

Meeting Dates:

August 21st

September 11th

October 9th

November 13th

December 11th

January 8th

March 11th

April 8th

May 13th

Testing Calendar

Check out the testing schedule for the school year. Please note that a few dates can change between now and then, but as you make appointments and vacation plans, it's important to be aware of some important dates for our students:
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Final Exam Schedule-Fall Semester

January 19th -1st Period Exams

January 22nd- 2nd Period Exams

January 23rd- 3rd Period Exams

January 24th- 4th Period Exams

Final Exam Schedule-Spring Semester

June 3rd- 1st Period Exams

June 4th- 2nd Period Exams

June 5th- 3rd Period Exams

June 6th- 4th Period Exams

Senior Playbook

Calling all Seniors and their parents! There are several events and important due dates for our Seniors, so please check the Senior Playbook often. Click the Senior Playbook to find out more.

Union Pines High School

Principal Andy McCormick

Assistant Principal Victoria Henderson

Assistant Principal Jullian Pipkin

Assistant Principal MacKenzie Sovey