Texas settlement

Everything is bigger in Texas

why people settle in Texas?

they settle there to get land and the riches that come with it.Also because they settled there they can put military bases there.Also the things that people needed to settle in texas are pots,clothes,and places to sleep in.

what they needed to settle in Texas?

they needed pots to cook in and clothes to wear and then they needed some place to sleep and a place to settle in the night

who was the first to settle in Texas?

the first people to settle in Texas are people from the Spanish.they wanted to settle here because someone named Christopher Columbus.he went to the king and queen of Spain to see if they will give him money for the ship and food for the workers on the ship. Also he wanted to see if the world was round because everyone else said that the world was flat because the ships that left did not come back and also that it showed on the map that the world was flat.But people were there before he was.

the biggest settlers

Map of Texas in the 1800's

Texas Animals