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New King in our Government!

Government is a really important part of our Mayan Civilization. Royalty lived in palaces, wealthy people who lived in big houses near the royalty, and poor lived on the outsides of town and were poor.

Now a new king has arrived, hope he does well for all of all. Hope for all slaves and poor people.

Our Religion.

We believe in sacrifices, we built two different types of pyramids. One pyramid is for religious reasons. We do sacrifices on those types of pyramids. The sacrifices we do are giving blood to the gods, but usually only people from high society do them. We worship 165 gods, each one of them has a special aspect in nature life.

Rare Agriculture.

We are used to a weird but unique way of farming. We call this technique slash-and-burn. We call it like this because if we don't have space to farm, we burn the space and by a plus, the stashes are used as fertilizer for our agriculture. We farm lots of crops and we usually alway use this same technique, some examples are: corn, squash, and peppers.
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Talk our Language!

The way you know our language today is called Mixtec.The way we call it is the logographic writing system. Our language was mostly used in the Post-Classical period. When the Europeans arrived to our land in 1520 AD, they had to make changes in form, style, and mostly the way the Mixtec writings worked those days. We were really mad about these changes.

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