School in the 1960s

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School in the 1960s

School in the the 1960s was very different than it is now. There was a much more strict dress code. There was a lot of corporal punishment, and some classes were much more intense. There were a lot of different extracurricular activities. There was a lot of segregation in schools. And there was much different school lunches.

What was the dress code?

Some unexeptable hairstyles the flat top, in a bun, unusually long, and the ducktail. unexeptable shoes were sandles and taps for boys and unexeptable shoes for girls were tennis shoes and cleats. Girls couldn't wear pants, too much makeup, really short skirts. Boys shirts had to be tucked in, their faces had to be clean shaven, and socks must be worn (Spivack).
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What were the Punishments and classes?

Hitting children with rulers and leather straps were common corporal punishments. In PE kids were often hit with trainers and PE was much more intense. Sometimes kids got dunked in a bucket of water (Lambert).

What are some Extracurricular activities?

Sports that most high school boys played were baseball, basketball, soccer, track, and crosscountry. Some clubs that they had were cheerleading, language and literature, and music clubs.
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What kind of Segregation did they have in schools?

Colered children had separate water fountains, schools, and swimming pools from white children. White children had better quality stuff(

What kind of school lunches were there?

School lunches ranged from 25-40 cents. Some kind of meat that children were served was bologna, luncheon, and frankfurters. Chili, beans, and rice were other foods kids ate.
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-gun clubs were held after school at the school.

-15.5% of students in 1966 started protest and 26.1% of students in 2012 started protest.

-18.8% of students in 1968 had said they were less responsible and 27.3% of students in 2012 had said they just skipped class.

-19.4% of college students in 1968 thought marijuana should be legalized and 42.6% of high school students in 2012 admitted they have tried marijuana.

-40.8% of college students in the 1960s said that being well off financially is important and 81% of college students in 2012 said the same thing.



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