Ajai Singh

What is Software?

Software are the applications and programming instructions that tell your computer what to do and enable you to use it for things such as playing games, writing an essay or listening to music. So basically, without software, your device is useless.

Operating systems:

Windows, ios and linux are kinds of operating systems. Software are built using coding that is compatible with that kind of operating system. With an operating system, a computer wouldn’t work so its vital.

  • Application Software:

Application software can be used for doing your work, or just having fun. These include:

  • Word processors such as Word

  • Spreadsheets such as Excel

  • Databases such as Access

  • Games applications such as Call of Duty or angry birds.

What Software and Hardware have in common:

Hardware and Software:

Software depends on hardware and hardware depends on software. Together they form a computer system.