Autumn Newsletter from Aspire, LLC.

The time of year for changes, and not just for our leaves.

Recognize your Gratitude for the Summer, as we drift into Autumn

A Message From Amy:

Where did the summer go? As a former school counselor, working in the public school system for 19 years, this is the first year that I didn't have to go through all of the anxiety of the first days back to school. For most of my 19 years, I felt excited and worried about everything going right for the start of the year. I loved seeing the kids again, and I honored any time I could spend with them, helping them navigate through middle school and after-school life. It gave me great pride. As the school year forged on, I counted down the days for summer break because working in a school with children is exhausting and the summer always felt so well deserved. By the summer's end, I missed the routine and my coworkers. This time of year always marked the time of new beginnings.

It is also a time of mourning the freedom of summer. Many educators take second jobs or work in summer school and don't get a "break." I was fortunate to stay at home and do things with my kids, who are 30 and 26 now. I loved sleeping in and the control of what we would do. I loved the beach, picnics, parties, and all the free time I got to be with my kids, and as I got older (and they did, too), I got to do activities for myself. I got to golf, hang with my Mom, go to the ocean, stay up late, and sleep-in in the morning. I am forever grateful!!

This summer granted me time to be creative, meet new people in my town, and start my new chapter in life as an owner, entrepreneur, and life coach. Being my own boss, I could take days off when I wanted to go kayaking with friends, head to the beach, or just have a downtime day. I didn't miss the summers past. After all, I still felt that freedom to do what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it because I am now my own boss. My new career doesn't seem like work because I love it- every day. So again, I am grateful for this summer showing me how much better life can be when you have your passion back, and I am looking forward to the fresh crispness of Autumn, apple cider donuts, and fall fashions!

No matter what we do for a living, there is so much about the summer to be grateful for, like, sunshine, swimming, boating, hiking, picnics, hanging at the park, shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, camping, bonfires, and most of all being with family and friends. So while the summer is leaving us, I will be forever grateful for the next season and what it brings. Instead of mourning the summer, I will reframe that and rejoice in the new beginnings that Autumn brings us. Do you have summer experiences that make you feel grateful? Will you mourn the summer or focus on what Autumn will share with us? Take a minute to reflect on what you are thankful for about this summer. Then give yourself a few minutes to sit, relax, ponder back on your summer, and think about all the beautiful things Autumn has to offer.

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Back To School Middle School Vs. High School!

How about a life coach for your tween/teen (12-17)? Give it a thought.

Amy of Aspire would love to work with your tween/teen on anything from:

  • academic confidence
  • self-confidence
  • navigating changes in friendships
  • friendship skills
  • regulating emotions
  • school stress
  • and many other situations tweens/teens struggle with

Amy's coaching is action-oriented, client-centered, and uses a structured session plan. When appropriate, Amy will start goal setting, action planning, and accountability for the work they want to accomplish. Amy works from where the tween/teen is coming from; this is where she meets them and where the trusting relationship begins.

If this piques your interest, please learn more at Amy offers a free 30-minute discovery session so that she can meet you and your tween/teen, and you both can ask questions. No pressure to purchase a bundle; please leave the session and think about all you learned during your discovery session, then decide. You can book this session on the website, email Amy at, or call/text Amy at 860.222.0797. Amy hopes to see you on her calendar or in her in/voicemail boxes!

Amy is available virtually and in-person. These are pictures of my safe and comfortable office.

What's standing between you and true happiness?

The Dimah is a podcast with two younger people (maybe 28-30) discussing happiness. Throughout the broadcast, I hear many GAILS. What are GAILS?

  • G Gremlin

  • A Assumptions

  • I Interpretations

  • L Limited beliefs

A gremlin is a voice inside your head that tells you that you are not good enough or can't do anything. This voice says many other things that keep you from moving forward. Listening to your gremlins will create a roadblock as you make your path to living life to your fullest.

An assumption is something you choose to believe even though you have no evidence of the fact that whatever it is, it is true. For example, you see a person sitting on the sidewalk with clothes with paint all over them, rips, and holes, and you may automatically assume that the person is homeless and lazy. Yet, for all you know, this person sitting on the sidewalk owns the building he is leaning on and taking a break from working on the building and making improvements. Or maybe that person is homeless, but he is sitting and taking a break because the building owner hired him to help with the repairs on the building (and he is not lazy).

An interpretation is an act of explaining, reframing or showing your understanding of something. Your interpretation is yours; someone may have interpreted what happened differently than you. You believe your perspective only. This can keep you from moving forward and shut you out of new things.

A limited belief is something you believe because someone important to you said something is true, which may not be valid. Some people will say that limited beliefs are false accusations. The limitedness of the belief will no doubt become a roadblock and put a halt on moving forward to reach your goals.

Watch the podcast and see if you can see/hear GAILS. Do you have GAILS? I believe we all have GAILS. Awareness is critical when you want to make changes to your happiness.

While as a coach, Amy hears many GAILS coming from the podcasters, she also feels the content is relevant and worth sharing.

What's Standing Between You and True Happiness? - The Dimah Podcast Ep. 201

SCHOOL'S OUT: Does this mean more time for you?

The kids are starting school, and your family life schedule is about to be created. If you're a parent that gains some time since the kids are in school, maybe it is time to start thinking about yourself. In the summers, parents are always giving, giving, giving. Being that busy may cause you to set aside your feelings and needs so you can be helpful to others in your family. It is time to recharge and gear up for the changes you might want to make that will lead you to a happier life.

Do you think you have any GAILs? GAILs keep you from taking care of yourself, discovering what it is you need, and moving ahead towards your happiness.

You may have more time to work on yourself. If you want to make changes but you are unsure what those changes need to be, or you need someone for accountability. Amy recommends life coaching. A life coach will be a big game-changer. The impact of coaching is intense and genuine and helps open space for you to think differently, feel differently, embrace yourself, and work hard towards being that person you want to be.

Aspire, LLC is a safe, welcoming space. Amy has a strong background in counseling and is almost complete with intensive training through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Her appointment hours are Tues & Weds 11 am-7 pm and Thursdays 12 pm-5 pm. Go to Aspire's website,, to learn more, schedule a 30-minute discovery session, or purchase a bundle. You can also write Amy an email at, or you can call her or shoot her a text at 860.222.0797.

Amy meets with people via Zoom and in person.

Because life coaching is not a medical treatment, insurance does not cover it.


Amy Jacques Life Coach and Owner of Aspire, LLC.

My mission is to work with people ages 12-65+ who are searching for learning, self-discovery, navigating through "what's next," and wanting to be their best versions. Helping my clients to become self-aware of their beliefs, thoughts, and emotions is vital to assisting them in finding their passion, joy, and happiness. I am here for you.