Physical and Chemical

By: Maybelle A. 4th

Physical Properties

Physical properties are characteristics that describe a object. Examples are color,taste,magnetism,hardness,volume, smell, solids melting,liquids boiling,etc.

A non example would be flammability. Soft would be a physical property for a pillow.

Chemical Properties

Chemical Properties are characteristics that is observed when a substance interacts with another substance.You can't determine the properties by just looking at it.
Examples are flammability,nail rusting when wet,and rotting wood.
A non example is magnetism.

Examples of Chemical and Physical

Physical Change

Physical change is a change that alters the form or appearance of a material but does not change the material into another substance. Examples are chopping wood, molding clay,cutting paper. A non example is rust.

Chemical Change

A change in matter that produces a substance with properties different from the original substance. Examples are compounds broken down, rust, and burning.
A non example is origami. The four indicators are 1. Color change 2. Change in temperature 3. Formation of bubbles 4. Noticeable Oder after reaction has begun.
The Physical Properties and Chemical Properties of Matter - Chemistry

This is a video that explains about Physical Property and Chemical Change