PBSES Newsletter

February 26th, 2021

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Welcome Back!

I hope you enjoyed your first week back from break! We recognize there are still a plethora of challenges new and old. Through teacher conversations we have learned three target areas where teachers are finding the most challenges; management, connection and student engagement.

Please see resources below that can help you navigate these challenges.

This Newsletter will cover:

  • Management Resources: Setting Routine
  • Connection Resources: Relationship Builders
  • Student Engagement Ideas

Management Resources: Setting Routines

"Routines give our days structure and increase productivity. They are especially valuable for young people, who are more likely to feel relaxed and safe in an environment where they know what to expect. When students arrive at a physical or virtual classroom where there is a consistent routine, they do not expend unnecessary energy worrying about what they'll be asked to do. Instead, they can focus their energy on learning." -Catlin Tucker (Resource)

Types of Routines:

Connection Resources: Relationship Builders

As you know, strong relationships are the bread and butter of teaching, without them everything seems so much harder. It is hard to build those over Zoom when kids have their cameras off, are distracted or disconnected. Please consider the following ideas to help build student connection!

Student Engagement Ideas

Activities to engage students during remote learning
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