Classroom Project

Our ideas for the Classroom

The walls

Our wall colour is sapphire blue. Sapphire will increase focus and will not distract us while we are learning. It's a calming colour. The cost of the paint was $992.
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We are buying 4 round tables and 15 of the other tables. They interlock better and don't slide around. They cost $4257 for all the tables.

Our chairs are called linking chairs

Linking chairs are guaranteed to comfortable and we will be happy and comfortable while learning. When you needto move it is quick and easy

Our lighting

We have chosen 4LED lights which altogether cost $240.

The carpet.

The carpet is Mountain Moods. The cost of the carpet is $108.


Air Conditioning

Don't you want an air con in this classroom? We can have an air con at the back of the classroom. The cost of the air con is $659.
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We're buying 2 bookshelves for this classroom. They cost $509 each, so since we're buying 2, it costs $1018. The bookshelves are dark blue, so they match the colour of the walls.
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Teaher's stuff

We have chosen an Impact chair for the teacher and a Smartable teacher desk.