Second Grade News You Can Use

January 11-15, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Graham

Exciting news! We are now learning how to write our lower case cursive letters. Today, Mrs. Hamilton came to our classroom for the first time to help us learn our "clock climber" cursive letters. We learned a today. She will be returning tomorrow to teach us our next clock climber. You should be able to keep up with our progress by checking your child's folder each night for the new practice sheets. One will be a colored piece of construction paper and the other will be a white piece of paper with the letter we are working on that day. Our plan is to do a new letter most days. We usually work on cursive Monday through Thursday mornings taking Friday off. Some days may be review when we finish one kind of letter and move on to the next group. For example, after we learn all the clock climbers, we may need a review day before we move on to the next group.

Personal Responsibility is another primary focus this nine weeks. My goal is to have each student master coming in each morning, unpacking the folder and planner, turning in homework, and beginning morning work quietly without needing to be reminded of our routine. Your goals at home regarding the folder and planner should be to have your child complete homework, place it back into the folder, have you sign the behavior box in the planner, and then pack both the folder and planner into the backpack for the next morning. We are also using our iPads more independently by being able to log in to AR, taking AR tests, and checking progress toward personal reading goals. In addition, we have begun using our iPads to take reading assessments using the Think Central Portal.


  • Jan 13-Second Grade Leads Chapel. Leaders are Bryson, Makenzie, Nathanael, and Conner

  • Jan 15-TOY DAY at 12:30 if we have earned it. Your child can bring in a toy to play with that fits inside their backpack where it will stay until 12:30 at 2:15 Honors Pep Rally

  • Jan 20-Feb 1- Re-enrollment

  • Jan 22-Tentative date for AR reward. (More details to come.)

  • Jan 18- MLK No School

  • Jan 31- Preview Day Invite your Friends children. Have them register so we know who is coming.

  • Feb. 5 -Father Daughter Dance (More details to come)

  • February 11- Meadow’s Devo


New Theme: Civics: Helping Others

Text: Mr. Tanen's Tie Trouble (Realistic Fiction) and The Jefferson Daily News (Informational Text)

High Frequency Words: (Make flash cards if needed.) also, fly, gone, have, horse, look, river, said, saw, something

Vocabulary: received, account, budget, disappointed, chuckled, staring, repeated, fund

Vocabulary Strategy: Homographs (Words that have the same spelling but different meanings. Some homographs have different pronunciations.

Phonics: Base words and endings -ed and -ing

Grammar: Pronouns

Comprehension Skills: Story Structure and Understanding Character

Comprehension Strategy: Infer/Predict

Narrative Writing: Story Paragraph


Chapter 5 begins tomorrow. We are learning 2 digit subtraction. There will likely be math homework on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


After we finish learning about maps and globes, we will try to answer these new questions later this week...How is your community like other communities around the world? and Are you a patriot?


We are learning why the sun is important then we will learn what living things need to survive.


Theme: Children are Precious to Jesus

Lesson: Matthew 18:10-14 The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Memory Verse: Matthew 18:11 For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.