By Addie Gaytan

Why,When and Were , Oh My!

Why? lots of people said it was for babies so they can sleep thats probley what you think too so did i. But at first some lullabies were for adults and it was just music to them.When? The start of lullabies was when music publishing began a big industry in the late 1800s and early 1900s and Were? The lullabie was made in the U.S because most babys were born in the U.S

The insrments

Some of the instrements was the flute the harp and the pino the tempo can be fast or slow sometimes it depends on the song useuly this type of music goes slow

Some famous composres and songs

*FUN FACT* Did you know one of the earliest lullabie is the one that you hear most of the time

The beat

Some of the lullabies has a heartbeat  of a baby in the song this really helped with the beat

The end

I hoped you liked this report this document was made by smore -Beautiful pages instanly