Mod. 2: Amer. Literary Time Periods

and MLA Format

Graded Assignments from Module 2 Include:

  • Discussion Post: Plagiarism
  • Works Cited Assignment (Using Purdue OWL as your guide, create a Works Cited page. Cite the (4) sources listed on Page 8 of Module 2 using proper MLA Format.

Your First Page of Module 2 Will Look Like This:

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This Module Will Teach You All About:

American Literary Time Periods:

  • Puritanism
  • Rationalism
  • Romanticism
  • Realism / Regionalism / Naturalism (you learned up to this point last semester!)
  • Modernism, including the Harlem Renaissance
  • Postmodernism

MLA Format:

  • Purdue Online Writing Lab - the best online resource for everything MLA for your essays!
  • MLA tasks to master include: creating persuasive thesis statements and main points, avoiding plagiarism, using active voice, in-text citations, parenthetical citations, block quotes, Works Cited page, creative titles, and double-spacing. This site even includes a sample student essay in MLA Format for future reference.
  • See the included tour, which assists first-time users in navigating Purdue OWL:

*Be sure to take the "Self-Assessments" as you go. You may refer back to each of these quizzes included in your Course Content. They do not count toward your grade, but are an excellent review for your Unit Tests and EOC Final.

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