Wassy's World 2016-2017

Reading, Writing, and Social Studies

Welcome to Fourth Grade

First Six Weeks Content Overview


As we begin the school year our main focus is routines and procedures to help our classroom run smoothly all year. This six weeks will focus on; building stamina when we are independently reading, noticing how we lose our way when we read, ask questions that provoke thought, and make meaning of the text.


In fourth grade we will be doing A LOT of writing. We will write personal expositories to help our students prepare for STAAR. A personal expository is a composition that explains something about the author's life. For example; who is your favorite person and explain why. This first six weeks we are going to focus on generating ideas and build stamina for writing. My hope is that all students fall in love with writing.


We will begin spelling the second week of school. Since fourth grade has the writing STAAR we are going to start with a review of K-3 Core sight words to build automaticity with spelling the most frequent words in our language. After the first six weeks we will begin to go into spelling patterns and rules. We will have a spelling test every two weeks. Our words will be posted on spellingcity.com. I encourage each child to practice their spelling words, not to score a 100 on a spelling test, but to become a life long speller.

Social Studies

This six weeks we will begin by studying map skills. Students will need to know how to apply geographic tools to construct and interpret maps. They will be using; legends, compass roses, cardinal directions, intermediate directions, scales, map grids, and titles. We will then look at the different regions of Texas. We will look at the major cities, natural resources, landforms, and climates. Social Studies videos at home will start the second six weeks, more information will be sent home. If you do not have a device or web access please contact me.

Class Read Aloud: Wonder

I know several of your children have already read wonder, but several have not. It is a beautiful book that teaches kids to believe in themselves, stand out, and be kind to others. I will be starting our year by reading this book to our class. Take some time and watch the book trailer below.

How do I support my child at home?

Reading Support

One of the best things you can do is READ, READ, and READ. Read together as a family, discuss books, find one you all like, laugh together, and make reading a habit that everyone enjoys. "The more you read, the more you know, the more places you will go." --Dr. Seuss

Writing Support

Encourage your child to look at life through their "writer eyes." Find opportunities to write about and ask them how would they write this to capture this very moment. For example; if you are at Six Flags and they ride a roller coaster they love ask them why they love it, what do they love about it, and what makes it the best. Students need to learn how to explain the moment so a reader could visualize it in their minds. After all on STAAR all they will have is a paper, pencil, and their mind to write a composition that captures a moment.


I will not be sending a lot of formal homework with specific tasks on specific nights. The only required homework I will send is for students to complete their social studies notes through google classroom and their social studies notebook. The social studies notes will start the second six weeks of school and more information will come home closer to the start date. If you do not have a device and/or access to the web please let me know ASAP. I would also like for students to practice their spelling words, not to make a 100 on the test and forget them, but to become automatic spellers.

Mrs. Dye will be sending math homework home on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if you have any questions about that please contact her at jennifer.dye@birdvilleschools.net.

The most important homework I would like you to complete is to spend time as a family. I ask that you eat dinner together, READ, play games, play outside, talk to each other, and go to bed early. A happy, loved, child will be successful in school.

Spend time being your child's biggest cheerleader, I promise you they each work hard every day.

Inspire your child to "find their greatness"

OMEGA Rio2016 Olympics spot with LYRICS

Annual Austin Fourth Grade Field Trip

Fourth grade has a special opportunity to travel to Austin to take a walk through history. On Friday, April 7, 2017 we will travel on charter buses to Austin to visit: The Texas Rangers Museum in Waco, the Bob Bullock Museum, and the Capital building. This field trip is a once in a life time experience and I hope that each student can have the opportunity to go.

The details are as follows:

When: Friday, April 7, 2017 6:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

Cost: $85.00 per person (final payment will be due around January or February)

**At this time we are on a waiting list for parents. We have had 9 parents already pay to hold their spots. We can take somewhere between 8-12 parents depending on numbers.

For your child's payment, you can pay throughout the year, as long as you have the final payment turned in by the due date (in February).

Price includes: charter bus, Texas Ranger museum, Bob Bullock Museum, Capital Building, breakfast,, lunch, dinner, snacks, lunch box, shirt, workbook, three drinks, a souvenir, and a group picture.

Fundraising: We do not want cost to stop anyone from going. Our fourth graders will be selling popcorn in October or November to help raise money for their trip. Each child that sells popcorn will receive half of the profits. For example: if you sell $100.00 worth of popcorn $50.00 dollars will go into YOUR child's Austin account. So the more you sell the less you have to pay.

I hope you decided to let your child join us on this unforgettable field trip.

Upcoming Dates and Events

9/2 Class Scholastic Book Order Due (only if you want to order books)

9/5 No school: Student and Teacher Holiday

**Progress reports will not be sent home the first six weeks of school

parent conferecnces

Parent/Teacher communication is vital to the success of a child. I would love to meet with you to discuss your child's growth in fourth grade. Please email Mrs. Wasserman if you would like to set up an in person or over the phone conference, which ever works best for you.