Studying Cornell Notes

Helpful studying tips

Clear your MInd

Before clearing your mind write about what's on your mind so you can have an extra boost on clearing your mind.

Managing your time

Make a schedule, devote time per day to study-this will help improve your grades a lot. Time will vary depending on what grade you are in.

Find a good spot to study

Find a good study spot yet not so comfortable you fall asleep. Some people can work with music [latter music-with no words] otherwise your brain will multitask and not be able to retain as much studying as you might need. Never watch TV while studying it will take all that you've just studied and learned and take it away.

Snacks while Studies

Have your snacks prepared before you start studying so you aren't distracted while trying to study.

Rewrite Notes

Make notes in class neat and emphasized so that you may have a better understanding of what you have written. So that you can transfer that to your work.


Focusing on the most important facts is key so that you may get more out of your studying experience. Use a highliter to underline the most important points and facts.