VCR Lesson 3 Presentation

Kate Welch

Fill In the Blank...

The Bahamas are part of a large _____________ off the coast of the Americas in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Word


1. noun. A group of islands or the sea containing them

2. noun. A group of separate entities contained within a defined area.

The first definition is more common, and is used in reference to several groups of islands around the world, such as the British Isles or the Bermuda Islands.

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- Greek

- "sea"

  • 1495-1505 Italians used the word "arcipelago" in reference to the Aegean Sea
  • The word "archipelago" can sometimes still be used to mean the Aegean Sea specifically when it is capitalized.
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Synonyms and Antonyms


  1. group
  2. collection


  1. scattered
  2. unrelated

Some examples...

  1. Malay Archipelago (Indonesia, world's largest)
  2. Canadian Arctic Archipelago (2nd largest)
  3. Japanese Archipelago (3rd largest)
  4. British Isles
  5. Canary Islands
  6. Bermuda Islands
  7. Florida Keys
  8. Cayman Islands
  9. West Indies
  10. New Zealand

Choose the letter in which the word is used incorrectly:

A. Indonesia is an island nation that is part of the world's largest archipelago.

B. When the tide is low, it is possible to walk between the islands in the archipelago.

C. The nations of Africa are an archipelago of separate states contained in one continent.

D. I was excited to visit the archipelago of Puerto Rico for summer vacation with my family.