factors affecting participation

by Ebony Harper

what can affect participation






Some sports have changed there rules for disabled people to get involved. Wheelchair basketball is one of the sports which have changed there rules to make it able for people in wheelchairs.Over time more sport is being made available to people with disabilities.


People of the opposite gender rarely compete against each other because there bodies are different. Men have bigger muscles and have higher testosterone levels.Women carry more fat and tent to be smaller than men.


The age of someone can affect there ability in sport because as people get older they do not have as much energy as they did in there teenage years.As the body ages it becomes less flexible making it harder for you to carry on with sport.However there is some sport where age doesn't affect you such as swimming,bowls and playing golf.


Being the wrong size for a sport can affect your ability.

3 types of somatotype;

-Endomorph-pear shaped


-Ectomorph-tall and skinny