The Characteristics of Life

There's only seven!

The Characteristics

  • Order- Different levels of organisms. The levels from smallest to largest are atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms, populations, communities, ecosystems, biosphere (ex. epithelial cells forming in layers)
  • Regulation of Internal Environment- A biological balance that organisms must maintain (Homeostasis) (ex. coughing and sneezing over the course of a cold)
  • Response to Stimuli- Reacting appropriately to the environment (ex. reaction to amounts of sunlight, pupil dilating or constricting)
  • Acquisition of Materials and Energy- Food or nutrients that an organism uses (ex. chlorophyll being produced to absorb light in plants)
  • Genetic Inheritance- Different characteristics, traits or genes that are passed from parent to offspring (ex. DNA rings being copied)
  • Reproduction and Development- The way certain organisms produce offspring, and how the offspring lives and develops (ex. Hydra form buds that will eventually turn to miniatures that will split from the parents and form alone)
  • Evolutionary Adaptations- Ways that animals have to adapt as the environment changes. (ex. webbed feet on ducks)

The Seven Characteristics of Life Are Easy to Remember!!!!