iPad Accessibility Features

Display Accommodations and Speech

Using Accessibility Features on iPads

Below you will find a few tutorials that will show you how to customize the display of the iPad and how to capitalize on some cool accessibility features like speak to me and typing feedback.

These features have obvious implications for individuals who are visually impaired, but could also be beneficial to the average student learning to read and write.

Display Accommodations

Many students think it's cool to invert their colors on their iPads. There's nothing wrong with flipping the colors so they are reading white on black, however, there may be a reason to encourage students to try things like color filters and inverted colors. It may actually be easier on their eyes or help them focus.

If you have a student who has a visual disability or even has trouble focusing on their reading, it might not hurt to guide them through choosing a custom color scheme for their iPad that is easier for them to read.

The video below will show you how.
iPad Accessibility: Display Accomodations

Speech Accomodations

Students who are visually impaired or who are just learning to read, or maybe students who just need to multitask, can all benefit from using Speak Selection and Speak Screen tools.

These tools will allow students to use Siri as a "reader". You can even customize the pacing of the reading, the voice style AND have the word highlighted to help encourage good reading strategies.

Check out the video below to see how to use these features.
iPad Accessibility: Speak Selection & Speak Screen

Typing Feedback: Speak Words

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Speak Words

For students who are visually impaired,this is a great tool, but it could also be wonderful for students practicing spelling skills to help them make sure they are writing what think they are.

When Speak Words is enabled, when a student types a word, after they press the enter bar, Siri will read the word to them.

To turn on Speak Words go to Settings >> Speech >> Typing Feedback >> Speak Words