Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception

Written by: Eoin Colfer | Poster by: Aidan Swanepoel


Opal Koboi, public enemy number one escapes with the help of the "janitors" a.k.a the Brill brothers. Opal mesmerizes a high ranked goblin general and causes a death that hits Captain Holly Short like a truck. Due to this she has to flee do to a promise she made before the death of her Commander, Commander Julius Root. The promise being save the human, Artemis Fowl the Second from Opal Koboi's hatred towards him for putting her in a coma and in jail for the rest of her life.


Beginning: Haven, Fowl Manor

Middle: Hybras, Fowl Manor

End: Haven, Taiwan

Beginning, Middle, End

Beginning: Opal Koboi gets released from her coma prison where she had been plotting for a year against the human, elf, and government agency who put her in her prison.

Middle: Thanks to the LEP (Lower Elements Police) who gave Artemis a mind-wipe he has no recollection of the fairy folk or of what he did to Opal. Opal rises out of her coma with a clone she made of herself to fool the doctor who is taking care of he in her coma.

End: Artemis remembers the fairy folk when a Mulch Diggiums, a dwarf, breaks into the Fowl Manor with a key to Artemis' memory of the fairy folk and his dim-witted 'assistant' Butler's memory. In the end Opal escapes in a stealth shuttle made out of stealth ore escaped once again from the LEP and the famed child-genius criminal Artemis Fowl.